Baseline Assessment for kids

Dr. Michele wants to make Chiropractic care for kids a no-brainer. Take part in the complimentary Baseline Assessment for your child

This is a family Chiropractic office because Dr. Gardner knows what it is like to have a serious health issue/s as a child, first hand. This is very counterintuitive to what most people think Chiropractic is for. Most people think it’s only for adults. I offer complimentary baseline assessments for those parents who would rather address small health problems in their children than face larger health problems as conditions worsen as teenagers. It is so much easier to address health challenges in the young than serious health issues later. Hence the baseline assessments. The choice to undergo care or not will always be your choice. We will have accurate baseline measurements for your kids to compare any time you choose to start up care.

Baseline Assessment Questionnaire

Chiropractic Care Infants NJA primary focus in my office is kids’ health, their developing brains and nervous systems. It might be that having seizures as a kid created this urgency in me to help others and the knowing that every child has the birthright to be healthy and vital so that they may develop to be wonderful, healthy adults.

In the past five years I have noticed a dramatic increase in cases of pediatric health issues. These vary drastically from emotional, behavioral, and personality changes to sensory integration problems, developmental delays, weakened immune systems, learning disabilities, and more. These serious health issues are a daily reality for many parents in our community as well as many of my patients.

Many parents are unaware that impairment or damage to the nervous system is not always about pain. It can cause subtle (and not so subtle) changes in a child’s development that can affect everything from personality and behavior to adaptation, ideation, and more.

This questionnaire will help me get an idea about your child’s nerve system function and how I can help them.