Urgent: I can’t believe this is happening to my child

Dr. Michele needs your help… even if you haven’t seen her in years, you know that your experience with her has been decidedly different. You know that you have someone in your corner to advocate for your health when you need it. In the past decade as she has continued to train (some years as [...]

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My neighbor owns a pack of hybrid wolves that are 60:40 canine:wolf.

  My neighbor owns a pack of hybrid wolves that are 60:40 canine:wolf. I love to hear them howl. It seems like a curious conversation. Except at four in the morning around the full moon! But that’s a different conversation. When I hear the wolves howl it reminds me of three things: of the intelligent [...]

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Boost your immunity

Boost your immunity Check out my guest post on the Basil Bandwagon blog in their Summer Camp series where I give you details about optimizing immune health. Summer is almost over which means school will be starting soon! There’s a funny thing that happens when children get together in large groups and have the added social [...]

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Take charge of your health

Take charge of your health Have you ever attempted to program your gps and found it searching for satellite? It won't show your travel route until it first knows where you are... Finding your way in life is incredibly similar! You cannot get to where you want to go without first knowing where you are. [...]

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