Fees & Insurance

New Patient Examination and Report $200

Your first appointment is ½ hour to 45 minutes depending on how complex your health history is. Dr. Gardner will review your health history with you and perform a chiropractic examination. At the exam Dr. Gardner will discern if any additional testing is necessary. Normally, there is no adjustment with this appointment, rather it is for gathering information so that Dr. Gardner can fully understand your needs and provide you with the care you deserve.

After completing all testing, you will return for Dr. Gardner to go over a prepared Report of Findings with you based on your examination and any other testing.  This appointment will be ½ hour to a full hour depending on how much information needs to be covered (Care Plan, X-ray review, or Functional Neurology instruction).  There is also time set aside at this appointment for an adjustment.

We accept patients regardless of insurance coverage. Some people in our practice have great coverage, some have none, and some have moderate benefits. What we do is provide you with a receipt so that your insurance can reimburse you directly. Dr. Gardner will work with you to find answers that make the care you need available to you.

Family Policy

After the first family member pays the full examination fee, immediate family members may receive the benefit of an examination for $50. This benefit must be taken advantage of within one month of the first family member’s examination.

Regular Adjustments $50-$100

During regular adjustments you will be with Dr. Gardner for approximately five-twenty minutes depending on the level of participation YOU choose (please see details of fee structures below). Care Plans are unique, based upon your individual needs and will be offered to you at your Report of Findings. Once all family members have been examined, a Family Care Plan can be offered.

Cranial Adjustments

There are 22 bones in the skull which all articulate (are movable). These skull bones can become misaligned from physical, emotional, and chemical trauma just like the rest of the skeleton. Cranial adjustments can help improve quality of life and brain function by affecting an increased supply of CSF and blood/oxygen to the brain. The most common health challenges we see improvement with cranial adjusting are: Feeling Unproductive/Lack of Energy, Decreased ability to Concentrate, Poor Memory, Sleep difficulties, Headaches/Migraines, Brain Fog, Cognitive Difficulties:, Learning difficulties – Comprehension, Organization, Decision Making, Speech, Vision, or Hearing, Sinus Difficulties, Seizures, Tremors, Accelerated Aging, Dementias, Impotency, Irritability, Anger, Loss of strength and coordination.

Extremity Adjustments

Adjustments for shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles and feet.


Time to address questions and concerns you have about you or a family member’s health.

Breath work

Training or re-training your ability to breathe as your body is intended to for maximum lung capacity as well as optimal oxygenation. Different types of breathing exercises are taught to alleviate stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue and loss of concentration.

Tonal work

Post-doctorate concepts in Network Spinal Analysis and Bio-Geometric Integration which address dural tension (the protective covering of connective tissue over you brain and spinal cord) and stress patterns carried through the geometry of the body in the soft tissue as well as bone.

Energy work

As a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner I am trained in the ability to perform all skills in Hands-On-Healing and Personal Transformation.

Fee Structure as of January 2018

$50/visit for foundational chiropractic adjustment (5 min)

For those that want more of the specialty treatments Dr. Gardner has to offer:

$65/visit to include cranial adjustments OR extremity adjustments (15 min)

$75/visit to include all 3 components; basic adjustment, cranial adjusting and extremity adjusting (20 min)

$100/visit to address a concern that needs to be consulted in addition to the basic adjustment (20 min)

$100/visit to include breath-work, tonal-work, and/or energy-work with the basic adjustment (20 min)

Please note: all time components are approximate and are rounded down or up according to the treatment you chose. The time Dr. Gardner dedicates to each patient has always been and will continue to be to provide a complete treatment.

Care Plans with savings options:

As always, individual and family care plans will be available and will be tailored even more uniquely than before based on the level of participation YOU choose. Dr. Gardner does not discount her fee structure but provides a reward for allowing our office to run more efficiently by having fewer transactions to process.

Appointment requests can be made by calling 908-782-7470 or texting 908-455-4546 and online.

Emergency Visits $100

Emergency visits include requests for in-office adjustments outside of Regular Adjusting Hours when the office is normally closed. This fee is in addition to the adjustment fee.

Home Visits $85-$100

Home visits are requested most often in an emergency scenario when travel to the office is not possible and in labor/postpartum care. The home visit fee is calculated based upon travel distance and time of day. This fee is in addition to the adjustment fee.

Labor and Postpartum Care $100-$300

Home visits may be requested during labor to allow the adjustment/s to assist in labor progression. Postpartum Care may be requested as a home visit or in-office for both mom and baby. This fee is calculated based upon travel distance and time of day or night. This fee is in addition to the adjustment/s fee/s.

Functional Neurology Assessment $200

This assessment is an advanced neurology examination to determine brain balance. Home exercise instruction is used to correct hemispheric dysfunction and has been shown to make great improvements with symptoms related to OCD, ADD, Tourette’s, depression, anxiety, and dyslexia. The Functional Neurology Assessment can be requested outside of chiropractic care or included in the New Patient Examination.

Functional Fitness $50

First, an assessment of the functional movement of your shoulders and/or pelvis; the assessment takes five-ten minutes to complete. Next, a series of 10-minute sessions cover concepts in both Foundation Training and Body Rolling. The number of sessions needed to learn these concepts is unique to the individual’s learning curve. Most often these can be accomplished in three to five sessions. Five basic exercises in Foundation Training are utilized to counter the cross-pattern dysfunction of our muscles caused by sitting. Body rolling is a method that serves to improve core strength while increasing flexibility. Functional Fitness can be requested outside of chiropractic care or the assessment included in the New Patient Examination.

Do you take insurance?

In our practice, we have people who have great insurance coverage, some coverage, and no coverage at all. We provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance who will then send you a reimbursement check. If you have insurance that you want to use, call your insurance company to find out what coverage you have for “out of network/nonparticipating chiropractic”.