Boost your immunity

Basil Bandwagon Flemington NjCheck out my guest post on the Basil Bandwagon blog in their Summer Camp series where I give you details about optimizing immune health.

Summer is almost over which means school will be starting soon! There’s a funny thing that happens when children get together in large groups and have the added social stress of starting a new year. It seems to do with both stress-coping strategies and gut health. We now understand that stress affects our nervous system, which in turn alters immune function- especially when it is chronic. (Segerstrom, 2004) We also know that a large percentage of our immune function resides in our gut. (Vighi, 2008) Each family essentially has its own ecosystem that gets challenged when encountering another that our immune system is unfamiliar with. (University of Utah, 2014) Fortunately, there are daily choices you can make to support general immune health, actions you can take for prevention during exposure to an illness or during a high stress time-period, and treatments you can use to ease your symptoms and possibly shorten their duration.

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