Dr. Michele needs your help… even if you haven’t seen her in years, you know that your experience with her has been decidedly different. You know that you have someone in your corner to advocate for your health when you need it. In the past decade as she has continued to train (some years as much as 12-15 times per year), she has developed an urgency to help more people, especially those facing the battle of their life.

“I got into Chiropractic- to make a lasting difference in people’s lives, especially children.  To create a true healing community that moves toward what can be done, rather than obediently accepting limitations of what can’t be done.  So much emphasis is put on adult and kids’ diseases, more information, classification, more diagnosis, more limitations, learn to live with it, but around here, it’s all about health, wellness and RESULTS!”

Your child is not developing like other children or has been diagnosed with a scary, ominous illness.  You go the conventional route seeing MD after MD, searching for info online, developing an online social network with other parents, doing test after test, all the while being urged to give it some more time, and yet there is no progress being made.  

As a parent, something inside of you dies; you feel like it’s the end of your world.  It’s a sinking feeling and nobody seems to know what you’re going through. You’re at a crossroads, a defining moment in your life…you’re going to need ‘one tough advocate’ in your corner to move towards health.  Most parents and doctors you speak with are supportive, however, there is an unspoken undertone of being disheartened and have all but given up on improvement, resolution or correction.

You’ve heard the ‘you are not alone, others are in the same boat, learn to live with it’ all are designed to comfort, but instead they serve to amplify the hopelessness.  In your heart, you know there’s help out there…but where?

You are going to need a decided contrarian who meets difficult problems head on, and you have no time to waste.  Health waits for no one.

Test after test, the feelings of isolation, while no one understands what’s happening to your child and being told the terrifying symptoms can only be managed, never corrected.

Those attracted to this office are those who are willing to do whatever it takes for their kids or themselves. Kids don’t have a voice when it comes to their health. Hiding behind kid’s hectic schedules, inconvenience, no insurance coverage doesn’t serve children.  They depend on their parents not quitting on them, or agreeing with limitations others place upon them, rather than finding solutions. Health connects us all, especially kids.

If you are looking for someone who can help you or your child get a second chance at getting their health back, fill out the baseline assessment and call for an in-person or video consult. You can also complete this process online at: https://drmichelegardner.com/baseline-assessment-kids/