Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic is a science, a philosophy and an art which preserves, as its foundation, that there is an organizing intelligence at work in the body. Consider for a moment how your breakfast becomes your hair, skin, liver, muscle, bone, etcetera … how is that anything short of miraculous?

There is an organizing intelligence at work in our bodies and its communication pathway is the nervous system. When our body is completely connected, that is, plugged into that communication network (our brain, spinal cord, and nerves) and we are free of any interference to that communication, we have the ability to reach our greatest potential. If there is interference to the nervous system then, that is when the chiropractor’s art assists your body to restore its healing ability.

Chiropractic is about your life and it is about your nervous system. How well your life is running is directly related to how well your nervous system is functioning. Chiropractic is a safe, gentle, effective approach to health and vitality for the whole family from the newborn to the centenarian.

Style of adjusting

Dr. Michele’s adjustments are tailored for each person. The adjustment is unique for an infant, toddler, teenager and adult. It is a precise art that is delivered with the utmost respect and care.

There are many different styles of adjusting and Dr. Michele will work with you to discern which style of adjusting best serves your nervous system. Dr. Michele has trained in the historical techniques of chiropractic as well as the most current, cutting edge approaches. You might find your experience with her is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Her approach is thorough, safe, gentle, and effective.

Dr. Michele’s post-graduate studies are applicable to both children and adults:

If you are local to Flemington, NJ (Central, NJ) and are looking for a total body approach to chiropractic and wellness, reach out to Dr. Michele to see if you are a good fit to join our family.