Pregnancy and infant care through chiropractic

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is an essential way to support a healthier, safer pregnancy and birth experience.

Chiropractic Care Infants NJRegular evaluations can relieve and often prevent many common discomforts experienced throughout pregnancy. Dr. Michele is certified in a chiropractic technique that gently and safely supports the proper balance of the pelvis throughout pregnancy.

Within the basic anatomy of your pelvis are ligaments that maintain a supportive suspension for the womb where your baby is growing and developing. When your pelvis is balanced, these ligaments can support healthy growth and movement.

The freedom for healthy growth and movement is essential for your baby’s development and that freedom for movement is most important when it is time for your baby to move into the delivery position. That is why the Webster Technique is commonly thought of for turning breech presentations. Please understand that chiropractic and the Webster Technique are not a treatment for forcibly turning your baby and there is no guarantee of changing your baby’s presentation. However, when your pelvis is balanced and those supportive ligaments maintain their ideal position, intrauterine constraint can be relieved resulting in the ideal presentation for delivery and reduced risk for dystocia or for the need of other interventions like C-section.
Webster Technique to avoid C-section | Click Here

If you are local to Flemington, NJ (Central, NJ) and are looking for a total body approach to chiropractic and wellness, reach out to Dr. Michele to see if you are a good fit to join our family.

When you include the many benefits of chiropractic in your prenatal care, you give yourself and your baby the chance for a healthier and safer pregnancy and birth. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Michele with any questions you might have.